Faculty Recruiting & Hiring Resources

By participating in the faculty search, selection, and hiring process, you are directly shaping the future of Florida State University. The resources presented on this web page provide information on faculty hiring procedures to assist all deans, department chairs, search committees, and department representatives in conducting effective and inclusive searches.

You will find policies, procedures, guidelines, and best practices for each stage of the hiring process.

Thank you for partnering with us to uphold FSU's reputation for excellence by attracting and retaining top faculty talent.

Faculty Recruiting Guidelines

  • All faculty job openings must be advertised through OMNI HR for a minimum of seven days.
  • The Faculty Job Posting Checklist – covers required and optional elements for a job opening.
    • Exemptions to the advertisement process are:
      • Appointments at 0.50 FTE or less
      • Visiting appointments held for no more than three years, in one-year increments
      • Research appointments for individuals whose names were written into a grant
      • McKnight Fellow recipients or Provost’s or Dean’s Minority Faculty Recruitment Program designees approved through the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
      • Waivers of Advertisement for faculty positions approved by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Refer to Appointment Checklists for an outline of the search, selection, and appointment process steps.
  • All faculty job offers, including OPS faculty, must be submitted through OMNI HR.
  • All candidates (new hires, rehires, and current employees) are required to complete the Smart Onboarding process.
    • More information on the Smart Onboarding process can be found here.
  • It is highly recommended that a department utilize OMNI HR from the beginning to the end of the search; however, if a department is collecting applications outside of OMNI then additional steps must be taken as outlined in the Soliciting Required EEO Data for Outside Faculty Searches process.
    • Maintain all CVs and any other materials received in response to the vacancy. Note: These materials should be date stamped as proof that materials were received before the advertised application deadline.
    • Maintain a list of the recruitment sources utilized for the announcement (journal, chronicles, magazines, etc.).
    • Maintain all documentation related to the hiring decision. This includes all advertisements, postings, lists of nominators and nominees, candidate dossiers, rating sheets, long and short lists, and interview notes. All notes become part of the official record (except for personal notes that were never shared with anyone else).
      • Search committee records must be kept for four years following the date of hire. If a foreign national is hired, records must be kept for five years.
      • Reference Recordkeeping Guidelines for more details.

Important Reminders

  • All applicants for faculty positions are required to submit a Curriculum Vita (CV) with the OMNI application.
  • All faculty positions require official transcripts from the candidate’s institution.
  • Criminal History Background Checks (if required) must be completed and successful completion notification received from the Office of Human Resources prior to the start of employment.
  • External advertisements should direct applicants to the corresponding OMNI job opening to apply.
  • Visiting Faculty appointments can be extended annually, up to three years. After the third year, the position must be advertised through OMNI unless an approved Waiver of Advertisement is obtained.
  • Hiring departments should work directly with the Center for Global Engagement if sponsoring a foreign national’s application for a visa.

Search & Selection Overview

  1. Obtain Approval to Start Search
  2. Establish Search Committee and Recruitment Plan
  3. Post Advertisement
  4. Review Applications
  5. Conduct Interviews
  6. Check References, Credentials/Publications Record on Top Candidate(s)
  7. Committee Holds Final Deliberations
  8. Hiring Recommendation
  9. Smart Onboarding and Criminal History Background Check Process
  10. Welcome New Colleague


Appointment Resources

Additional Recommended Training

  • OMNI HR e-Recruit
  • SMART Onboarding
  • Criminal History Background Check Process
  • Embracing Diversity
  • EEO: Avoiding Minefields
  • ADA: Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act

Register via OMNI HR > Employee Self Service > Learning and Development

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