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Office of Human Resources

Smart Onboarding

Work Smarter

Smart Onboarding is an HR customer service initiative to bring clarity and efficiency to the FSU onboarding process, making it easier to get new employees up and running.

FSU Human Resources and Enterprise Resource Planning worked with a software vendor to design and refine a comprehensive electronic onboarding portal that streamlines the completion of new hire paperwork, background checks, and other pre-employment requirements. The FSU onboarding portal will guide candidates through the process and provide a better first impression of FSU.


Campus-wide rollout - November 2nd

  • All Job Offer/e-Recruits submitted on or after November 2nd with a candidate's start date of November 16th or later will utilize the FSU Onboarding portal. These candidates should not use the Forms Wizard.
  • Candidates who have a start date between November 2nd and November 15th will be reviewed by HR to determine if the candidate will route through the FSU Onboarding portal.


Learn how to work smarter with the new FSU Onboarding Portal! The comprehensive, electronic onboarding portal will streamline the completion of new hire paperwork and other pre-employment requirements like background checks, making it easier for you to get your new employees up and running. Many manual processes and paper forms will be eliminated when offline processes are integrated into the system. The portal will greatly improve coordination and communication between departments, candidates and HR, and incoming employees will experience a great first impression of FSU.

Training modules are available for Department Representatives. See course information below.

To register, log into myFSU and navigate to: Employee Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment. Follow the prompts to search and submit your request.

What's Changing

The FSU onboarding portal will replace the current process (new employee forms wizard) and combine pre-employment requirements in one streamlined process, including integrating background checks into the electronic workflow.

Other improvements include:

  • Ability for departments and HR to track a candidate's progress online with candidate console.
  • Clearer guidance to candidates and departments on what is required of the candidate and where they are in the process.
  • Integration of pre-employment requirements from job offer through new employee orientation. This will include collecting employee information, tax forms, policy acknowledgements, EEO solicitation, background checks, leave transfer requests, selective service information, benefits information, payroll information, parking, and more.
  • The ability for the candidate and the department to electronically upload additional required documents like transcripts, licenses, loyalty oath, certifications, etc.
  • Electronic flow of department steps and approvals (including VP/high-level approval).
  • Reduction of paper forms when offline processes are integrated into the system.

Key Process Changes to Keep in Mind


With the launch of smart onboarding, there are some changes to current processes that are important to keep in mind as you navigate through this transition.

  • 1. Initial discussion with top candidate will now include an anticipated start date, job details, and next steps

    • Next steps include the BGC and the University's onboarding process.
    • The start date can be confirmed once the background check has been processed and the department has received a clear to proceed notification.
  • 2. All hires will be appointed through an OMNI job offer/e-Recruit and will utilize the onboarding portal. (This will replace the current pPaf and forms wizard process)

    Your candidate will be hired through one of the following electronic methods:

    • A standard advertised opening
    • One of the Express pools, to include Faculty express to appoint OPS faculty, GA Express to appoint graduate assistants or OPS express.
    • Non-advertised job openings for positions that are exempt from advertising, such as Visiting appointments, .5 FTE or less, person named in a grant and also hires with an approved waiver of advertisement.

    Job aids are available on the HR website.

  • 3. The BGC process will be initiated in the onboarding portal. Departments will no longer need to initiate a request through the background check portal on the HR website.

  • 4. The I-9 process is no longer a pre-check for employment and can be completed after the individual is processed in OMNI.

Gaining Access to the System

To gain full access and functionality within the Onboarding Portal, department representatives and will need to request two roles:


If you cover multiple departments you will need to select all applicable ZSM roles when submitting the electronic Online Role Request.

Higher level approvers who will be reviewing and approving items for dual compensation, employment or relatives and outside employment will not need these roles.


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