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The HR Forms library contains form links and contact information for the corresponding HR departments. Click on the form name to be taken to form descriptions. The forms can be sorted by using the index below. Forms are subject to change, please refer to the revision date to ensure you have the current form.

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Form Name Contact HR Section Revised
Accident Investigation Report Attendance & Leave 11/09/2021
Acknowledgement of Work Abroad Employee Data Management 04/25/2023
Administrative Discretionary Increases (ADI) Checklist Faculty Relations
Affidavit of Good Moral Character Employment & Recruitment Services 02/28/2020
Alternate Work Schedule Request Attendance & Leave 10/13/2017
Appointment Letter/Checklist - Graduate Assistants 850-645-1952 Faculty Relations 02/22/2024
Appointment Papers Matrix Employee Data Management 02/27/2019
Arrest Notification Form Employee & Labor Relations 01/10/2018
Certification of Current Member of Reserves Employment & Recruitment Services 03/30/2023
Certification of Unremarried Widow or Widower Employment & Recruitment Services 03/30/2023
Child Labor Laws Employee & Labor Relations
Clearinghouse Demographic Sheet Employment & Recruitment Services 02/28/2020
Clearinghouse Privacy Policy Acknowledgment Background Checks 02/28/2020
Complaint Procedures for USPS and A&P Employees 850-644-6475 Employee & Labor Relations 05/20/2021
Confidentiality Statement Employee Data Management 12/04/2019
Contract Instructions (Summer) Faculty Relations 05/07/2024
Controlled Substance Conviction Form Employment & Recruitment Services 01/08/2014
Courtesy Appointment Form EDM/Special Projects 04/02/2019
Courtesy Postdoctoral Scholar Offer Letter Sample Faculty Relations 02/22/2024
Criminal History Background Check Website Employment & Recruitment Services 11/29/2018
Data Change Form Employee Data Management
Deferrals from Special Supplemental Pay Packet Benefits - Retirement 03/23/2023
Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) Extension-Continuation Form (FSU) Benefits - Retirement 04/03/2024
Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) Leave Election Attendance & Leave 02/08/2024
Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) Retirement Forms Packet Benefits
Department Data Entry Worksheet Employee Data Management 11/17/2023
Direct Deposit Authorization Form 05/01/2017
Discrimination/Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and/or Retaliation - Complaint Form Administration 01/11/2024
DRS Background Check Notification Employment & Recruitment Services 06/22/2017
Drug Policy 850-644-6475 Employee & Labor Relations 09/01/2010
Dual Compensation Guide Employee Data Management 11/18/2022
E-Verify Poster Employee Data Management 09/01/2017
Employee Dependents and Spouses Scholarship Faculty Relations 05/14/2024
Employee Discount Program Vendor Application Benefits 04/22/2019
Employee Transfer Checklist Attendance & Leave 07/31/2023
Employer Reference Check Form Employment & Recruitment Services 12/01/2004
Employment Appointment Checklist - A&P Employment & Recruitment Services 11/01/2023
Employment Appointment Checklist - Faculty Employment & Recruitment Services 11/01/2023
Employment Appointment Checklist - OPS Employment & Recruitment Services 03/13/2024
Employment Appointment Checklist - OPS Faculty Employment & Recruitment Services 11/01/2023
Employment Appointment Checklist - USPS Employment & Recruitment Services 03/01/2024
Employment Contract - Executive Service Employment & Recruitment Services 06/17/2014
Employment Contract - Faculty Adjunct Faculty Relations
Employment Contract - Faculty FSUS 10 Month Faculty Relations
Employment Contract - Faculty In-Unit Faculty Relations 10/16/2016
Employment Contract - Faculty Out-Of-Unit Faculty Relations 10/19/2016
Employment Contract - Faculty Summer Supplemental In-Unit Faculty Relations
Employment Contract - Faculty Summer Supplemental Out-of-unit Faculty Relations
Employment Contract - Out-of-Unit A&P - E&G Funded Employment & Recruitment Services 06/18/2014
Employment Contract - Out-of-Unit A&P - Soft-Money Funded Employment & Recruitment Services 06/18/2014
Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy Form Employment & Recruitment Services 02/14/2024
Enhanced Whistleblower Protection 850‐644‐6031 08/14/2017
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) & Affirmative Action Provisions Notice Administration 06/14/2018
Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law Administration
Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law (Part 2 - supplemental) Administration
Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement Administration 01/10/2024
Essential Personnel Designation - Essential Critical Attendance & Leave 08/10/2021
Essential Personnel Designation - Medium Priority Attendance & Leave 08/10/2021
EthicsPoint Poster Administration
Exemption to Public Records (FS119) Records 01/18/2024
Exit Survey Employee & Labor Relations 12/10/2020
Extended Telework Agreement Attendance & Leave 03/07/2024
Faculty Contracts Reference Chart Faculty Relations 06/21/2019
Faculty Job Posting Checklist Employment & Recruitment Services 09/21/2023
Fair Labor Standards Act Federal Minimum Wage Administration 09/28/2021
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Administration
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Checklist for Departments Attendance & Leave 01/12/2023
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Checklist for Employees Attendance & Leave 11/03/2015
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Parental Leave Request and Notice Form Attendance & Leave 10/07/2022
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Time Entry Instructions Attendance & Leave 09/23/2022
Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Administration
Florida Law Prohibits Discrimination Flyer Administration
Florida Minimum Wage Compensation Services 09/28/2021
Florida Retirement System (FRS) - Investment Plan Beneficiary Change Benefits
Florida Retirement System (FRS) - Investment Plan Employment Termination Benefits
Florida Retirement System (FRS) - New Employee Certification Form Benefits 06/10/2021
Florida Retirement System (FRS) - Pension Plan Beneficiary Designation Benefits
Florida Retirement System (FRS) - Pension Plan Notice of Reemployment for Suspension of Retirement Benefits Benefits
Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Program 08/23/2022
FSU Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Non-Discrimination Statement Administration
FSUS Criminal Offense Notification 850-644-6475 Employee & Labor Relations 10/19/2016
HR Department Table Update Form Attendance & Leave 04/12/2023
Invitation to Self Identify Administration
Justification for the Late Submission of Appointment Paperwork Employee Data Management 10/29/2018
Leave Adjustment Attendance & Leave 08/09/2016
Leave Audit Form Attendance & Leave 06/23/2017
Leave of Absence Attendance & Leave 01/24/2024
Leave Payout 403(b) Deferral Authorization Benefits 07/25/2023
Loyalty Oath Employee Data Management 02/18/2021
Memorandum of Understanding Agreement Employee Data Management 10/26/2022
Moving Expenses Request Form Employment & Recruitment Services 05/24/2021
Name Change Request Records 06/30/2017
Offer Letter Sample - A&P Employment & Recruitment Services 07/02/2024
Offer Letter Sample - Executive Service Employment & Recruitment Services 02/08/2024
Offer Letter Sample - Postdoctoral Scholar Faculty Relations 02/21/2024
Offer Letter Sample - Specialized Faculty Employment & Recruitment Services 02/08/2024
Offer Letter Sample - Tenure Track Faculty Employment & Recruitment Services 02/08/2024
Offer Letter Sample - USPS Employment & Recruitment Services 07/02/2024
Offer Letter Sample - USPS Time-Limited Employment & Recruitment Services 07/02/2024
OPS Exempt Request Employee Data Management 07/02/2024
OPS Exempt Request - Multiple Employees Employee Data Management 07/02/2024
Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Change Form Benefits
Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Mandatory Participation Form (for faculty members in the College of Medicine) Benefits
Oral Reprimand Employee & Labor Relations
OSC Right to Work (English) Administration
OSC Right to Work (Spanish) Administration
Outside Employment Employment & Recruitment Services 09/15/2020
Paid Parental Leave(Faculty) Attendance & Leave 03/11/2019
Paid Parental Leave(Staff) Attendance & Leave 05/05/2021
Performance Evaluation (Graduate Assistants) 850-644-6475 Employee & Labor Relations 05/06/2021
Perquisites or Sale of Goods & Services Approval 06/20/2024
Personnel Action Employee Data Management 09/29/2021
Position Description (A&P and USPS) Compensation Services 09/13/2016
Position Management Action Page (PMAP) Compensation Services 08/26/2016
Preferred Name Change Request Employee Data Management 05/15/2023
Reasonable Accommodation Request (Disability) Administration 01/24/2024
Reasonable Accommodation Request (Pregnancy or Religion) Administration 07/26/2023
Regret Notification Sample Employment & Recruitment Services 02/14/2024
Remote Hire with Agent Request Form Employee Data Management 05/04/2020
Request to Roll Over Excess Annual Leave Hours to Sick Attendance & Leave 11/01/2023
Retirement 2nd Election Plan Choice Benefits
Retirement Plan Choice For ORP Eligible Employees (A&P and Faculty) Benefits
Retirement Plan Choice for USPS Employees Benefits
Retirement@Work Portal Benefits - Retirement 02/28/2023
Salary Analysis Request Compensation Services
Salary/Appointment Explanation Employment & Recruitment Services 12/13/2022
Separation Checklist Attendance & Leave 04/30/2024
Service Retirement Forms Packet Benefits
Sexual Harassment Policy Administration
Sick Leave Pool Membership Application Attendance & Leave 02/02/2024
Sick Leave Pool Membership Termination Attendance & Leave 04/11/2023
Sick Leave Pool Physician's Report & Request to Use Hours Attendance & Leave 04/11/2023
Sign-On Bonus Form Compensation Services 11/01/2022
Social Security Number Usage Notification Employee Data Management 03/01/2021
Summer Camp Background Check FL K-12 Teacher Memo Employment & Recruitment Services 03/03/2017
Summer Camp Background Check Roster Employment & Recruitment Services 03/02/2021
Supervisory Change Form Compensation Services
Supervisory Change Form - Multiple Positions Compensation Services 11/08/2011
Supervisory Change Form - Single Position Compensation Services 03/28/2013
Temporary NRA Identification Number Statement Employee Data Management
Time Approval Group Security Request Form Attendance & Leave 04/13/2023
Title IX Statement Administration 10/12/2021
Transcript Procedures FAQs Employee Data Management 02/25/2020
Unemployment Insurance Employee & Labor Relations
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act Administration
Veterans Preference - Required Documentation Employment & Recruitment Services 04/17/2017
Veterans' Preference Certification Employment & Recruitment Services 03/30/2023
Volunteer Service Employment & Recruitment Services 10/10/2023
W-4 02/01/2022
Workgroup Change Attendance & Leave 04/24/2023
Written Reprimand Employee & Labor Relations
Written Reprimand Template 850-644-6475 Employee & Labor Relations 03/01/2014