Life Insurance

The State of Florida offers group term life insurance to eligible employees and their eligible dependents. Life insurance policies are offered by Securian Financial. Additional benefits and services such as legal services, life events and milestone services are available to plan participants. Enrollment and election changes are completed by the employee through People First.

Basic Life Insurance

FSU covers the cost of this life insurance policy for all full-time employees. Coverage is offered through Securian Financial valued at $25,000. Part-time employees pay a prorated amount and OPS pay the full premium. Full-time employees are automatically enrolled upon employment.

Dependent Child Life Insurance

Employees enrolled in basic life insurance can also elect dependent child life insurance. The benefit for this coverage is $10,000 and covers all eligible children. This is paid for by the employee.

Dependent Spouse Life Insurance

Employees can elect dependent spouse life coverage. Two benefit amounts are available: $15,000 and $20,000. Coverage is guaranteed issue if elected when spouse is first eligible, otherwise, medical underwriting is required. This benefit is paid by the employee.

Employees who have a spouse that works at a State of Florida agency or university are not eligible to participate in this policy.

Optional Life Insurance

Employees enrolled in basic life insurance (not OPS) can also elect additional optional term life insurance. Coverage between 1 and 7 times your annual salary is available, up to a maximum of $1,000,000. Medical underwriting may be required. The cost is based on age and the amount selected. This benefit is paid by the employee.