Executive Service

Annual & Sick Leave

Annual and sick leave is accrued by eligible Executive Service employees and is credited on the last day of the pay period. The accrual rate is prorated when on leave without pay and for part-time employees. The accrual rates for Executive Service employees per pay period are 9.195 annual leave hours and 5 sick leave hours.

Sick Leave Pool

Employees who join the Sick Leave Pool may request and receive up to 480 hours in a 12-month period for their serious illness or severe injury after using all earned sick, annual (vacation), personal holiday and compensatory leave. Members may be granted a lifetime maximum of 960 hours during their employment with FSU. The use of hours from the Sick Leave Pool is for a member-employee's serious or catastrophic health condition. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements to be accepted.

Administrative Leave

Administrative Leave may be granted to Executive Service employees to cover absences from work for specific events such as: death of a family member, legal matters, military situations, natural disaster, emergency closing, and any other closing as authorized by the University President. With absences for these specific purposes, an employee is not required to use any type of accrued or earned leave to cover the absence.

Parental Leave

The University offers up to six months of unpaid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. The parental leave may run concurrent with Family Medical Leave entitlements. 

University Holidays

FSU provides paid holidays to all eligible salaried employees.

Family Medical Leave Act

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is available to all employees provided they have physically worked at least 1,250 in the 12 month period before the FMLA leave request and have worked for FSU a total of 12 months within the past 7 years. FMLA is an unpaid leave benefit for certain qualifying reasons that may provide up to 480 hours within a rolling year. Leave eligible employees may use accrued leave benefits to remain in pay status.