OPS Appointments

  • Other Personal Services (OPS) pay plan is at-will temporary employment. Employees may be separated from employment at any time. Notice or reason for termination is not required. Layoff rights do not apply.
  • OPS/Temporary employees must be hired at least at the federal wage and hourly minimum for the job code.
  • Eligible OPS/Temporary employees are covered under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and the Workers Compensation Law. (OP-C-7-E2, FMLA; OP-C-7-J6, ADA; Environmental Health and Safety Operating Procedures)
  • OPS/Temporary employees are subject to the nondiscrimination and sexual harassment policies and procedures.
  • OPS/Temporary employees are not covered under the Florida Retirement System. Some OPS/Temporary employees (based on hours worked) may be eligible for the staff/faculty insurance group plans.
  • OPS/Temporary employees are also eligible for:
    • Enrollment in the State Deferred Compensation Annuity Program (457) and the 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity program.
    • Mandatory enrollment in the FICA Alternative Plan (401(a)).

Departments should hire all OPS/Temporary employees through eRecruit.

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