New Hires

Smart Onboarding is an HR customer service initiative to bring clarity and efficiency to the FSU onboarding process.

This comprehensive electronic onboarding portal streamlines the completion of new hire paperwork, background checks, and other pre-employment requirements. The portal also guides candidates through the process and provides a stellar first impression of FSU.

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Required Documents for A&P appointments

  • A&P Offer Letter  

  • Appropriate A&P Contract (E&G funded contract, Soft-Money funded contract, or both if applicable)  

  • Copy of signed Social Security card  

Required documents for Faculty appointments

  • Appropriate Faculty Offer Letter  

  • Appropriate Faculty Employment Contract  

  • Copy of signed Social Security card  

  • Notarized Loyalty Oath 

  • More details can be found here 

Required Documents for USPS

  • USPS Offer Letter or USPS Time-Limited Offer Letter (if funded by soft money or is time-limited) 

  • Copy of signed Social Security 

  • Notarized Loyalty Oath 

Required Documents for Graduate Assistant appointments

  • Graduate Assistant Offer Letter 

  • Copy of signed Social Security card  

Required Documents for OPS appointments

Appointment Papers Matrix

Wizard link

  • Candidates for 1 x payment appointments are the only employees that should be utilizing New Employee Wizards. All other appointments should complete their information within Smart Onboarding.  

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