• Landis Green

Courtesy Appointments

A courtesy appointment is a designation in the University's HR application system (OMNI) that does not include compensation or confer employee status on the appointee. The courtesy appointment permits the individual to receive access to University privileges, such as FSU email accounts, computer system access, or building access. Courtesy appointments can be used for faculty and non-faculty roles. There are many courtesy job codes available. FSU resources are determined by the specific courtesy job code utilized by the department for the appointment.

Once a department has identified a Courtesy candidate, the department will use the Courtesy Express process to initiative the request. The background check questionnaires are submitted through the Courtesy Express process, while background checks, if needed, are submitted during the Smart Onboarding candidate process. For general information on the University background check process, please visit Background Check for more information. 

Courtesy appointments can also be used with current or former employees (faculty, staff, or OPS) in certain circumstances. For example, a faculty member in one department could be given a courtesy appointment to allow them to serve on a committee in another department and obtain access to departmentally secured SharePoint sites.