FSU Classification and Compensation Redesign

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With the goal of providing consistency and clarity to our compensation structure, FSU Compensation has undertaken a large-scale initiative to redesign and refine our staff compensation and classification system. These efforts have been assisted by a nationally acclaimed consulting firm, in partnership with university leadership and many of our colleagues here at FSU.



Phase I – Data Collection & Interviews: Completed

Onsite focus groups were conducted to obtain a preliminary assessment of our current classification and compensation structure, policies, and practices.

  • Collect and Review Data - Completed
  • Stakeholder Interviews/Focus Groups - Completed

Phase II – Compensation Philosophy & Pay Administration Guidelines: Completed

  • Draft Total Rewards/Compensation Philosophy - Completed
  • Develop Pay Administration Guidelines - Completed

Phase III – Job Architecture & Job Evaluation Process: Completed

  • Assess Job Families - Completed
  • Update & Standardize Job Titles - Completed
  • Determine Classification Assignments - Completed

Phase IV – Market Competitiveness & Salary Structure Assessment: Completed

  • Identify Benchmark Jobs - Completed
  • Determine Appropriate Survey Sources for Comparison Markets - Completed
  • Obtain Data for Market Pricing - Completed
  • Perform Variance Analysis - Completed
  • Salary Structure Development - Completed
  • Conduct Employee & Cost Implications Analysis - Completed

Phase V – Communicate and Plan for University-Wide Implementation: In Progress

  • Address Final Results - Completed
  • Develop Implementation Plan - Completed
  • Communicate Changes - In Progress



Phase I – September 2022

  • Implemented New Staff Minimum Wage of $15/hour, or $31,320 Annually

Phase II – November 2022

  • Adding Over 40 New Classifications
  • Updating Existing Classifications to New Pay Band Structure
  • Reclassifying Existing Positions Per Consultant Recommendations
  • Applying Market Adjustments to Select Reclassifications and Pay Bands

Phase III – Ongoing

  • Compression Review