The Office of Human Resources in partnership with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has enhanced the functionality of ePAF to be called ePAF+. Some of the new features of ePAF+ include incorporating position profiles and classification actions, enhanced funding change features and an improved, user-friendly interface. Position-related updates should be done through ePAF+.

Please clear your cache before accessing ePAF+. Click here for instructions on how to clear your cache.

Online training materials have been created in an effort to help departments transition to this new tool. Click here to access the OMNI Job-Aids for ePAF+ Activities.

Please Note:  Not all Compensation Services actions will be able to be completed through the use of ePAF+. The following instances describe situations in which a department will need to submit actions via paper forms. For further information, please contact your assigned Compensation Services Analyst and/or Office of Faculty Development and Advancement Representative.

  1. Re-classification to or from Faculty job code/salary administration plan. Any re-classifications to or from a Faculty job code/salary administration plan will need to be submitted to the appropriate approving authority utilizing the paper Position Management Action Page (PMAP) and/or Position Description (PD) below.
  2. Mass Supervisory Changes. Changing the supervisor of 15 or more positions to another supervisor within a department. Utilize the Mass Supervisory Change Form listed below.
  3. Non-University Reporting Relationships. Changing the supervisor of an FSU position to a non-University paid employee requires submission of a Supervisory Change Form listed below.
  4. Approved Organizational Changes (Restructuring). Changing the department, location and/or funding of 30 or more positions. Utilize the Approved Organizational Change Form listed below.
  5. Full Time Equivalency (FTE) Changes on an employee appointment. Position FTE and employee appointment FTE are different fields within OMNI. While these values are often the same, they can be different depending on the needs of the department. Changes to FTE for a person must be completed utilizing the pPAF form listed below.
  6. Actions on ePAF+ Originators and Approvers. Due to auditing purposes, some restrictions exist in ePAF+ to prevent users in the workflow path from submitting or approving transactions on themselves or their position. Employees are unable to submit an ePAF+ transaction on themselves or their position, or approve an ePAF+ transaction on themselves or their position where they are specifically named as an Approver in the workflow path.

Paper Forms/Resources