Navigating Recruitment in Today’s Job Market

The Office of Human Resources is available to partner with hiring departments in navigating today’s challenging job market. This web page is devoted to providing tools and practical approaches to enhance recruitment efforts at each stage of the hiring process. 

  • Advertising & Recruiting
    • OMNI Job Opening:
      • Ensure the job posting is updated, clear, and provides a link to the department’s website for more information. 
      • Where possible, include starting salary “to negotiable based on education and experience” versus advertising a specific range. 
      • Include the Total Rewards Posting Description that links to FSU total rewards and the Compensation Calculator.
      • Explore using the option “Open Until Filled” for Faculty and A&P job openings. 
      • Add a “Helpful” section to the job opening that addresses: 
        • The ideal candidate for the role
        • What is a typical day/working environment is like
        • What the employee can expect in the first 60 - 90 days
        • Who is an ideal candidate for this position? You're known as a problem-solver and a go-to person for sound advice. You work well under pressure and think quick on your feet - remaining calm and professional. You're able to see the big picture and the small details without much effort. Discretion comes naturally to you and going "above and beyond" is not just a catch phrase — it's what you do. You're able to connect with people across diverse backgrounds. You can balance compliance and customer service. You can easily engage with others, be assertive, and diplomatic at the same time. This position takes a unique skill set. Good communication skills are a must.

          What is a typical day in this position? No two days are the same. One day you may be assisting two employees in resolving a conflict with each other. The next you may be taking statements as part of an investigation that could lead to someone losing their job. Let's be honest — this role is challenging. But along with the challenges comes the reward of resolving conflicts and helping to foster a positive and productive work environment.

          What can I expect in the first 60-90 days? Your first few weeks will be getting up to speed on all things FSU HR — our policies, procedures, and what is expected of you. You'll also spend time shadowing other ELR Analysts on cases, so you have a good understanding how to manage and process cases. There's on the job training, but you'll need to bring your previous experience and skills to the table; we're definitely not starting at entry-level. Previous experience in employee and/or relations is very helpful, and we'll spend time transferring those previous skills to this role.

      • Consult with your assigned recruiter to review and refresh your job posting if the opening is not yielding a suitable applicant pool.
    • External Advertising:
    • Networking with:
      • Professional associations and affiliates
      • Alumni
      • FSU Colleges/Units related to the role
      • Your team/staff for referrals
  • Reviewing Applications
    • Review applicants as they are routed for consideration and schedule interviews timely.
      • Your assigned recruiter can screen/route as needed, upon request.
  • Interview
  • Keeping Candidates Engaged
    • Keep your top candidates engaged in the conversation as you move through the process.
      • Express your continued interest, the current step in the process, and timetable regularly!
        • This includes engaging your number two candidate.
    • Contingent offer letters can be issued prior to the Onboarding process, using the templates on the HR Website.
  • Job Offer
    • Leverage the available Recruiting Incentives for applicable positions.
    • Complete steps in the system timely, so the offer and onboarding process move quickly and smoothly.
  • How about Remote Work?
    • Currently, Remote Positions are only approved based on the location of the job duties or for highly-skilled positions that are difficult to fill as determined by the Office of Human Resources.
      • Click here > Remote Positions for the eligibility and approval process.
    • Consider the Alternate Work Location Arrangement Pilot Program option.
  • Questions?
    Please contact your department’s assigned recruiter in Employment & Recruitment Services for additional support.