Leave Payouts & Transfers

FSU processes applicable leave payouts two pay periods after an employee’s last day worked. The separation checklist must be completed and signed by both the employee and their FSU department in order for the payout to be processed on time. Separation Checklist that are not received 2 weeks after termination may have their leave payout delayed.

Annual Leave Payouts

  Lifetime Maximum Hours
Faculty (12 Month) 352
A & P 352
Executive Service 480
USPS (must have at least 6 months of FSU service) 240

Annual leave hours are paid out at the same rate as the employee's hourly rate of pay. The table above shows the lifetime maximum payout amounts for each position type. Any excess leave above the lifetime maximum amount for the employee’s position will be forfeited. 9-month and 10-month faculty members are not eligible for an annual leave payout.

Sick Leave Payouts

Sick leave hours are paid out at a quarter of the employee's hourly rate, and the lifetime maximum sick leave payout amount for employees is 1920 hours. A staff employee (A&P, USPS, Executive Service) hired before October 1, 2015, must have 10 years of creditable State of Florida and/or FSU service to be sick leave payout eligible. Staff employees hired on or after October 1, 2015, must have 10 years of FSU service exclusively to be sick leave payout eligible. Service credits from other State of Florida entities were only accepted on staff employees hired before October 1, 2015. Faculty hired on or after May 6, 2011, are not eligible for a sick payout. Faculty hired before May 6, 2011, with at least 10 years of FSU and/or state service are eligible for a sick payout.

Transferring Leave to FSU

FSU can accept up to 240 sick leave hours and 80 annual leave hours from another Florida governmental entity (state agency, University, community college, county, or city). The amount of hours to be transferred is subject to the FSU department's approval. Compensatory leave and personal holidays are not transferable. Candidates for positions requesting a transfer of leave will request the transfer within the FSU Onboarding.

Transferring Leave From FSU

An FSU employee leaving the University can request a leave transfer to another Florida governmental entity (state agency, University, community college, county, or city) upon termination. It is the employee's responsibility to confirm that the agency will accept the leave transfer. Any leave that cannot be transferred will be paid out two pay periods after the employee’s last day worked, if eligible. The leave transfer can be initiated by indicating the agency and amount of hours on the separation checklist. The leave transfer will be processed after payroll for the employee's last day worked is finalized and the leave accruals have synced.

Questions? Contact Tyler Beasley (staff) at tcbeasley@fsu.edu or Danielle Napier (faculty) at drn22a@fsu.edu.