OMNI HR Security

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How do I gain access to screens within OMNI HR?

Online role requests must be completed to receive Human Resources security access. Requests should be submitted utilizing the eORR Online Role Request module in OMNI. Tutorials for submitting electronic role requests can be found on the OMNI Training Guides page. Security roles are not automatically removed upon employee transfer. Please ensure that eORR Online Role Requests to delete security roles are submitted promptly upon employee transfer or if the access is no longer required.

Common OMNI HR Department Roles:


Time Approval Groups

There are two types of time approval groups in OMNI-HR. Supervisory groups are automatically created by the system for each supervisor. These supervisory approval groups grant timesheet approval access for all of the supervisor's direct reports. Department Representative time approval groups must be requested via the Time Approval Group Security Request Form . HR Department Representative groups are for those employees who require access to timesheet approvals for an entire department. The T&L Group Security Modification Form is required to modify and/or inactivate time approval groups for HR Department Representatives.

HR Department Table

Departments should maintain an accurate listing of the HR Representative and HR Manager on the HR Department Table in OMNI. The listed HR Department Manager is the inserted first level department approver on all electronic HR actions (ex: ePAFs and Job Offers). To update this information, complete the HR Department Table Update Form.

Please contact Stephanie Saltos at or (850) 644-9610 for additional security information.