Military Leave for Department Reps

An employee who volunteers for active military service or is ordered to active duty or training may be provided unpaid and/or paid leave during their absence. Please refer to the employee/department checklist below:

Employee/Department Checklist for Military Leave

Active Duty

When an employee is ordered to active duty, official written orders must be provided to the department and HR. The first 30 calendar days of active duty will be with full pay (MLH30). After the first 30 calendar days, the employee may use accrued annual leave, personal holiday, and compensatory leave to remain in full or partial pay status. Any hours not coded as accrued leave should be recorded as Military Leave without pay, not to exceed your FTE.

An employee may be eligible for supplemental pay when called to active duty if their military base pay is less than their FSU salary. If an employee is eligible for supplemental pay, it will begin after the first 30 calendar days. A military base pay form must be submitted to HR.

An employee should contact the Benefits Office in HR before beginning active military duty, if possible, to discuss insurance coverage.

Short Term Military Training

An employee called to active or inactive duty for training must provide a copy of official military orders to the department and HR. The employee will be granted paid Military Training Duty pay of 240 hours per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) for continuous or intermittent training. If the employee reaches over 240 hours, the employee must use accrued compensatory leave, personal holiday, annual leave, or leave without pay for the remaining of the training period.

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