Paid Parental Leave

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Paid Parental Leave (Faculty)

Paid Parental Leave (Staff)

Faculty Paid Parental Leave

Available to actively funded E&G and some C&G faculty depending on the terms of the contract or grant, and the rules of the funding agency. Paid parental leave is granted once during a faculty member's employment and leave will not be granted for two faculty members for the same child.

Paid parental leave requires 3 months prior notice to the department and cannot be used directly before or after other leaves or sabbaticals. The paid leave must start within 6 months of birth or adoption and cannot exceed a 6 month period.

Return to Work Commitment

A faculty member must return to the University following paid parental leave for at least 1 academic year. Upon separation from the University, repayment shall be made with sick leave balance first.

Staff Paid Parental Leave

Available to A&P, USPS, and Executive Service employees who have a minimum of 1 year of University service and physically worked 1250 hours in the preceding year (prorated for part-time). Paid parental leave is available once during employment, and leave must be split if both parents are University employees for the same birth or adoption.

Paid parental leave requests must be submitted 3 months in advance and provides up to 6 weeks of paid leave. The leave may begin up to 2 weeks prior to birth or placement and as late as 8 weeks.

Return to Work Commitment

Staff employees must return to the University following the conclusion of the leave for 6 months and physically work a minimum of 600 hours (prorated for part-time). An employee will be responsible for repayment if the commitment is not fulfilled. The repayment will first be deducted from the employee's personal leave.

Unpaid Leave Options

FMLA and Unpaid Parental run concurrently with Faculty and Staff Paid Parental Leave. More information regarding FMLA and Unpaid Parental can be found here.

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – Provides eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave that can be taken within a year of birth/adoption.
  • Unpaid Parental – Provides up to 6 months of unpaid leave for the immediate period following the birth/adoption. Will not begin more than two weeks before birth/adoption.

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