VI. Onboarding

Onboarding is an HR customer service initiative to bring clarity and efficiency to the FSU onboarding process, making it easier to get new employees up and running.

FSU Human Resources and Enterprise Resource Planning worked with a software vendor to design and refine a comprehensive electronic onboarding portal that streamlines the completion of new hire paperwork, background checks, and other pre-employment requirements. The FSU onboarding portal will guide candidates through the process and provide a better first impression of FSU.

Please visit FSU HR's Onboarding Website for more information including training opportunities.

Onboarding will be utilized for hires made only via OMNI-HR Job Offers. Offline or "Ppaf" hires will not utilize Onboarding at this time.

Background Checks

Onboarding will replace the need for a Background Check Request Form as information previously collected on that form will be collected through the Onboarding Process. All Onboarding hires will have Background Check Questionnaires completed within either the OMNI-HR Job Posting or Express Job Offer.


  1. Department creates Job Opening including the Questionnaire to collect applications
  1. Department creates Job Offer from Express Pool for top candidate which includes the Questionnaire
  2. HR Background Check Team reviews and approves the Job Opening or Job Offer Questionnaire to ensure compliance with University Background Check Policy
  3. HR Employment & Recruitment Services initiates Candidate Invitation to complete Onboarding
  4. Candidate receives and completes Onboarding
  5. Upon completing the Candidate's Background Check Page, the HR Background Check Team will be prompted to initiate a background check or collect required external documentation
  6. Upon completion, the hiring department will be notified to proceed with the appointment

Below is a screenshot of the Candidate's Background Check Page within Onboarding. If it was determined no background check was required for the position within the Questionnaire review process, Question 2 and 4 will not be asked. If a Standard check is required, Question 4 will not be asked. All questions will be asked if a Level 2 background check is required.

Candidate Background Check