IV. Background Check Request Form


The Request Form places an order for a background check on a specific candidate. Specific information is required to start the proper check, such as the candidate's residency history, current location, and personal information.

Request Form Location

  • Onboarding: Hires made via OMNI-HR Job Offer do not require manual completion of a Request Form by the department. The candidate is prompted for all required information within Onboarding and upon receipt of required information the Office of Human Resources will order any required Background Checks.
  • Background Check Forms Portal: The Forms Portal is used to complete the Request Form manually for personnel actions not tied to a Job Offer such as promotions, laterals, demotions, reassignments, transfers, and changes in assignment via ePAF, Federal Work Study, Volunteer, and Courtesy personnel actions, or additional duties or compliance without a personnel action.

Process Prior to Completing Request Form via the Forms Portal

Once the hiring department has selected the top candidate, the department should contact the candidate to inform them of the need to complete a background check. Collect the following information from the candidate:

  • First, middle, and last names
  • Date of birth
  • Current, valid email address
  • Countries (if any) that he/she has resided in for more than six months in the last seven years

Completing the Request Form via the Forms Portal

The Request Form is completed in the Criminal History Background Check Forms Portal.

Upon completion, the Request Form is automatically emailed to the Department Representative, Budget Manager, and HR (who will initiate the check).