XIII. Background Check Results

  • The Office of Human Resources reviews all Criminal History Background Check Reports upon receipt. If the Background Check results are satisfactory, HR will notify the hiring department to proceed with the hiring process.
  • If the Criminal History Background Check Report reveals criminal history, the Human Resources Criminal History Background Check Committee will review the report and make a recommendation to the hiring department.
    • If the candidate is applying for a faculty position, the Office of Faculty Relations will be involved in the Criminal History Background Check Committee.
    • An unfavorable background check for one position does not prohibit an applicant from applying and being considered for other positions.
  • Florida State University complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when completing background checks.


  • In accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, the Committee will take the following factors into consideration during review of criminal history records:
    • The nature and gravity of the offense
    • The time that has passed since the offense, conduct, and/or completion of the sentence
    • The nature of the job sought or held
  • The existence of criminal history does not automatically disqualify a candidate from employment.
  • The committee reviews each case with respect to the factors outlined above; however, any falsification of answers/statements or any omissions made on the application for employment may be grounds for disqualification as a candidate (or immediate discharge, if employed).