VII. Accurate Background Inc.

Accurate Background

Accurate Background, Inc. is a third party vendor that assists in facilitating Florida State University's background check process. The candidate is responsible for initiating the background check conducted through Accurate's online portal.


  • Standard Criminal History Background Check
    • This package is for all who require any level of background check.
    • This package provides:
      • County Criminal search
      • Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) statewide search
      • National Criminal Database search
      • Federal Criminal search
      • National Sex Offender search
  • International Background Check
    • This add-on package is ordered along with a Standard or Level 2 background check if the candidate lived outside the U.S. for 6+ months on the last 7 years. Additional fees may apply.


  • Upon receipt of Onboarding or a Request Form requiring the initiation of a Background Check, HR-ERS will order the background check with Accurate Background, Inc.
  • Accurate then sends an email titled "FSU Background Check Information Form" directly to the candidate from ""
  • This email invites the candidate to follow a link to complete a "Screening Submission Form" required to initiate the background check
  • These emails are commonly found in the candidates’ junk/spam folders

    The email looks similar to this screenshot:

Accurate Email Sample