II. Basics

What is the Purpose of the Form I-9?

  • The Form I-9 process is a vetted federal process used to verify the work authorization and identification of employee working in the U.S. The completion of the Form I-9 is both proof this process has been followed properly and contains signed attestations under penalty of perjury by both employee and employer which certify the information and statements are correct and true.

Which employees must complete the Form I-9?

  • All FSU paid employees
    • OPS, Salaried, Faculty, Federal Work Study

What to send to the employee prior to I-9 completion?

When must the Form I-9 be completed?

  • After acceptance of their Job Offer
  • Section 1 - no later than their first day of work for pay
  • Section 2 - no later than the third business day employee starts work for pay
    • If work lasts less than three days, Section 2 must be completed no later than first day of work for pay
    • Timeline Calendar
      Image from http://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central
    • If Section 2 cannot be completed by required schedule, work must stop until documents can be presented to complete Section 2

What is needed to complete the Form I-9?

  • Original, authentic, unexpired, valid, and acceptable documents listed on the "Section 2 of Form I-9" Page of this Instructional Website
    • Copies and scans are invalid as they are not original or authentic.
  • Hire date
    • If the employee's hire date changes after the completion of the Form I-9, notify the I-9 Administrator for the hire date to be amended on the I-9

Who acts as the Employer or Authorized Agent to complete Section 2 of Form I-9?

  • All trained FSU Department Representatives who have access to the online I-9 software, Guardian, have the authority to complete Section 2 as the Employer.
    • I-9s completed on campus are done electronically using the Guardian system.
    • I-9s completed remotely are completed electronically via Guardian. Please review the Electronic Remote I-9 Process.