IV. Section 2 of I-9 Form


Employers must complete and sign Section 2 of Form I-9 within three business days of the employee's first day of work for pay. For example, if the employee started work for pay on Monday, the employer must complete Section 2 by close of business on Thursday of that week. If the job lasts less than three days, the employer must complete Section 2 no later than the first day of work for pay.

Employee must provide:

- One Document from List A - Documents in List A establish both identity and employment authorization.


- One Document from List B (which shows identity authorization only)


- One Document from List C (which shows employment authorization only)

Refer to the following image for list of acceptable documents which can be used in Section 2.

Employer must:

  • Ensure any document presented by the employee is on the Lists of Acceptable Documents or is an acceptable receipt.
  • Examine each document presented to ensure they appear to be genuine, valid, and unexpired, and that they relate to the employee presenting it.
    • If documentation is rejected, allow the employee to present other acceptable documentation.
  • Record the title, issuing authority, document number and expiration date (if any) of all documents.
    • The proper document numbers for each respective document can be found on the "List of Sample Documents" page.
  • Select the "Check Form" button.
  • Sign and date the form (the password requested to sign Section 2 is the Guardian user's system password).
  • Return documentation presented back to the employee.
  • Do Not:
    • Accept copies or scans of documents
    • Accept invalid Social Security Cards as explained in the "List of Sample Documents" page.
      • A card that states the card is invalid if laminated or unsigned and are laminated or unsigned; is invalid and cannot be accepted.
    • Accept expired documents.
    • Specify which documents an employee must present
      • Employees who are unable to present required documentation within the first three days of employment should be terminated. Always contact HR prior to terminating an employee based on I-9 issues.